Content Writing for 30 Niche Blogs

In my previous post I’ve told you that I’ve researched 30 profitable keywords, found out relevant forums for 30 niche sites. And in this post I’m going to share my experience about writing contents for those 30 niche blogs. After finishing my research on profitable keywords when I submit the keywords my client become so happy so he hired me to write content for all the 30 niche blogs he published with my researched keywords. I only wrote the homepage post because I didn’t have enough time to write blog posts for all the  30 niche blogs. My client helped me simple providing me a routine to make posts for his blogs.

content writing

You can get the list of all the 30 niche blogs with a routine. And check out my writings simple visiting the blogs listed in the document.

Here is the Document of Content Writing for 30 Niche Blogs


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