Finding 30 Profitable Keywords for Niche Blogs

In the last month I got a work to find out 30 profitable keywords for niche blogs. Its was actually an hard task because the keywords should be profitable, less competitive and have enough advertiser and another thing was that  the search trends for the keywords should be same along the year. Though it was tough to find out the keywords keeping the points in mind but I completed the keyword research within a short period of time. When I submit the keywords my client became so happy for my work.

profitable keyword research

The keywords which I find out was used as a EMD (Exact Match Domain). My  client used the 30 keywords and published 30 single niche blogs.
After a month of publishing the niche blogs using my researched keywords he contact me to express his gratefulness to me and he also told me that he was making  huge money from the blogs.

Here is Document of Finding 30 Profitable Keywords for Niche Blogs


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