Hey Guys this is Rasel Rony.I’m a 17 years old sweet boy from Bangladesh. Currently doing a Diploma in Computer Engineering. From my childhood I love technology, gadgets and all the colors of technology. Since the the period when I I got myself engaged with Internet and Technology I started to research on how to make living from Internet and I became addicted with the touch Internet and Technology.

Rasel Rony

When I was in class 9 in the year 2009 I got to  know its possible to make living by blogging and freelancing. So from that time I started to learn how to blog because at first I fell in love with blogging. For getting the ideas and ways to be a successful blogger I started read thousands of blogs an blog posts. All the time I love to read article and gather ideas of blogging. After gathering a huge ideas on blogging at first started by first blog with Blogspot. Then while blogging I got to learn Search Engine Optimization, Web Design,Web Development and writing SEO optimized posts. Then in the year I stared my second blog on WordPress.org with a custom domain and the blog named http://www.techshouters.com and from the very first beginning of my blog I chose the popular and famous WordPress theme Thesis. But it became a hard to for me to customize the theme according to my mind. So I started to learn how to customize Thesis theme. And finally I learned to customize Thesis theme and then started to customize the these according to my mind. Beside learning the Thesis theme customization and had also learn WordPress nicely. And its notice you that I just bought the domain and hosting and the remain tasks like installing WordPress, installing theme were completed by me.As a new guys at that time I performed all the task correctly. Whenever I faced problem I just searched that on Google and I got the solution so I always call Google “Uncle” :D. All the things which I have learned and learning tills now from Internet  and all the credit goes to Google Uncle.

After the chapter of Blogging I fell in love with Freelancing. Blogging was my hobby but I started Freelancing to solve my financial problems. As I learned the works like Content Writing, Search Engine Optimization, Web Design and Developing while blogging  I didn’t had to get any pains when I started Freelancing. At the beginning of starting my Freelancing carrier I joined a Web Designing and Developing company where I started to get works directly.  And beside working on the company I joined the largest Outsourcing market place oDesk. Within a week I completed my research on oDesk and all it’s features compel  me to love it. But at that time I was too busy with my study and completing the works of company I joined. So finally I get back to oDesk I started to work on oDesk.

Now love to chat with Blog, play with WordPress,  walk with SEO and paint with Web.

So guys pray for me.


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